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Understanding the cause of the disease is 50% of success in healing. And parallel therapeutic work with the BodyTelekinetics method is 100%.We invite you to work on unpacking the causes of your dysfunction. You can work with either a chronic or an acute problem.

How does it happen?
Work on finding the cause of dysfunction will be done in an individual chat with specialists.
The work aims to find the cause of the disease in a joint contact with us. We, the experts of BodyTelekinetics, will follow the chain of your "cysts" and tensions for one week and help you analyze them. By following the assignments, huge layers of the past and trauma are lifted and gently transformed, all accompanied in parallel by the therapeutic work of BodyTelekinetics.
We add more therapy with the energy structure on top of the psychological support and adjust them every day.
Each day you get tasks to work on your own, getting to the root cause and releasing it, in parallel we work with the causes and conditions on the energy structure, transforming and defragmenting them.
This format is extremely effective, especially if the request is emotional or mental states.

The duration is 7 days.

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