Method description

BodyTelekinetics (ancient greek τῆλε - "far" and κίνησις - "movement") is a distant method of influencing the body. According to its mechanics, there is no difference with the classic osteopathy techniques, biodynamics, and bodily-emotional release, but is performed remotely, in the patient's field. The specialist often needs an up-to-date photo of the patient for easier and faster access to the patient's field. Nevertheless, a specialist can work with an older photo, with a person's artifact, or even without the material objects. The specialist, as a rule, has studied and is currently practicing all these techniques in direct contact with the patients and later starts to use them remotely.

What requests/problems does BodyTelekinetics work with?

The same as such methods as osteopathy, biodynamics, orthobionomy, bodily-emotional release and other deal. Acute lower back pain (sciatica) and chronic conditions (scoliosis) can be among them. It can be an acute emotional state and a long-standing psychological trauma. There are practically no restrictions. The specialist comes to the actual dysfunction of the body, unwinding the tangle of compensations and decompensations.

There is an effect of two sessions in the photo, but it is not the final result yet. Work is still in progress now.

BodyTelekinetics is a continuation of biodynamics as well.

Biodynamics is the science of "vital movement" within the body. BodyTelekinetics studies vital movement also outside the body. We are all extensions of each other. Everything is an extension of us.

The advantages of the method are obvious: contact with the specialist can be conducted from anywhere in the world. There is no need to make special preparations for the session, no need to waste time on the road, waiting, and the appointment itself. It is advisable to be in a relaxed state, to cancel the physical activity, practices that affect the state and medication during the session. In general, you can continue your usual life. Session time may vary depending on the problem but does not exceed an hour. The specialist is in contact during the entire treatment and corrects the condition if necessary. The number of sessions may depend on the complexity of the problem, but in acute conditions, one session is often sufficient.

The way the session is organized

The remote treatment session is as comfortable and convenient for you as possible. And this is not only oneone session andk of follow-up support!


After payment, we create a private chat with you and the specialists.

Then you send your well-lighted full-length four side photos: front, back, and both sides, taken in tight-fitting clothing. Important that the feet and the head are completely in the frame.

What is the best time for a treatment session?

The best time for a session is in the evening, when you are already resting at home or even sleeping. But this is optional.

You DO NOT need to call and be in touch during the period of the remote treatment session. You can live your usual life during the session but without strong physical exertion.

What’s then?

After the session the experts will leave feedback on the work done in your private chat.


You may need 1 or 2 weekly treatment sessions for acute pain conditions and 1 week treatment session monthly for chronic conditions.