We are glad to greet you in a space of remote method of careful human treatment - BodyTelekinetics

Remote ways of treatment are not something new and unknown. No more amazing than homeopathy, which is already several hundred years old.

The same story is with the techniques that, by definition, should be contact. For example, osteopathy. Osteopathic techniques work at a great distance without direct contact, if you follow the same basic principles of following the body, and not contrary.

It makes no difference whether a specialist is nearby or thousands of kilometers away if he knows how to be in the same field with the patient and knows what to do with dysfunction.

Different specialists work with visible physical defects. Chiropractors, orthopedists and orthodontists, massage therapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists. They all work differently. Effects and results are also different, but everyone has them. The only question is the stability of the result and the consequences for the body.

But the dysfunctions that “cannot” be treated and “require a radical approach”, in other words, surgery and/or other radical methods are more interesting. The body always responds in the best form of its adaptive capacity and always strives for health. Sometimes, in order for the body to respond to the right influence, it is necessary to remove the block on the emotional, mental or even energy level.

BodyTelekinetics works with all levels. With physical. With emotional. With mental. With energy.

Everything is simple and difficult at the same time with the physical level. On the one hand, the most convincing results are seen at the level of the body. Forming symmetry in the body structure, releasing movement where there was a long-term restriction, correcting valgus or clubfoot, correcting scoliotic posture, releasing the nerve and relieving acute pain, etc. These are the results that contact osteopathic treatment gives, there is nothing surprising in this. Except for one thing - we do not physically touch the patient and are hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers away from him.

Surprisingly but it is a fact: just as water without a single molecule of the active substance, becoming a homeopathic solution, is able to heal quickly and deeply, so the remote effect on body structures is the deeper, the farther away.